Sustainable Finance Handbook Webinar, 8 September 2021

1. Sustainable Finance Handbook Webinar

8 September 2021

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Hosted by the National Treasury-led Climate Risk Forum, this webinar featured the draft Sustainable Finance Handbook for South Africa, developed by Carbon Trust on behalf of the Sustainable Finance Working Group to demystify the sustainable finance landscape for South African practitioners.

The Handbook contains dozens of practical mapping tools to finally provide clarity on the full ecosystem of sustainable finance. It is designed to support banks, institutional investors, insurers, investors, capital markets, and regulators to promote market-wide innovation. Speakers and Panellists discussed how the Handbook helps different practitioners and what innovations they see on the horizon.

The Sustainable Finance Working Group responds to the National Treasury draft Technical Paper on “Financing a Sustainable Economy”, It set out to:

  • Map the plethora of new sustainable finance instruments and approaches by the financial sector globally
  • Understand the applicability of these instruments and approaches to South Africa, and
  • Recommend changes at policy level and through regulatory guidance or voluntary initiatives to help sustainable finance grow.

The Working Group is chaired by the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) and supported by Banking Association South Africa (BASA) and the Association for Savings and Investment South Africa (ASISA) as co-chairs.

The webinar is an initiative of the Capacity and Competency Working Group, which aims to build capacity across the sector on sustainable finance trends and tools.