Capacity and Competency Working Group

1. Purpose

The purpose of the working group is to build governing body capacity and “fit-for-purpose” skills necessary for the identification and management of long-term risks and sustainability challenges; and to build capacity across the sector and in the implementing arms of government- particularly local government- to ensure E&S risks are addressed within local infrastructure and development planning, capital raising and insurance planning, as recommended by National Treasury’s Financing A Sustainable Economy Technical Paper (2020).

The Climate Risk Forum’s Steering Committee “Steering Committee” has mandated the establishment of the working group.

2. Area of Focus

Skills and capacity development of individuals in the financial services sector, public sector officials and regulators on the following aspects: sustainability (e.g., SDGs); climate – related risks; scenario planning; stress testing; ESG investing instruments (sustainable investing); sustainable financing (structuring bankable deals); just transition; TCFD recommendations; relational competencies; and transformational competencies.

3. Objectives

  • Identify the gaps in the current skills set of the targeted audience on the aspects listed above.
  • Develop a repository of open-source, relevant training material and programmes available for immediate use.
  • Partner with international organisations and associations to assist with funding and the facilitation of upskilling and capacity building.
  • Partner/ collaborate with local industry associations and education/ academic experts to develop and/ or provide training on the aspects identified above.
  • Monitor global developments and incorporate best practice into training materials and interventions.
  • Raise awareness and provide training on materials developed by the various Climate Risk Forum working groups.
  • Continual monitoring of the effectiveness of the training interventions in reducing the skills gaps identified.